2020 Swimming Wetsuits: Our Top Performers At Every Budget

2020 Swimming Wetsuits: Our Top Performers At Every Budget

The range of suits on the market can be overwhelming but Robin Hood Watersports are here to help.  Which model is right for you depends on many factors including body shape, swimming stroke and style, along with budget.  It is not always true that increased spend equals improved performance so take advice from our expert staff when selecting yours.  Why not see our blog for in depth information regarding suit features and fabrics?

To save you a little time we’ve shortlisted our top four models, which include performance models to suit all budgets.

Spend Level - £100-£200

Our choice - Zone3 Advance (£169)

Mens and Women’s available


Our choice for swimmers looking for a value focussed suit without compromising key features.  The advance uses a floaty 4mm buoyancy panel combined with flexible 2mm shoulders.  Half of the suit is finished in an ultra low drag coating for unrivalled glide, while the wrist and ankle cuffs are silicone lined for rapid removal at the end of your swim.

Spend Level - £200-300

Our Choice - 2XU P:1 Propel (£215)

Mens and Women’s available


This recently released model from 2XU has outperformed all expectations, with customers choosing it over more highly priced models.  What makes the P:1 such a hit can be summarised in one word, FLEXIBILITY!  The use of world renowned Yamamoto neoprene with ultra low drag finish in the entire suit creates a lack of restriction and efficient glide.  5mm buoyancy panels are the maximum allowed under ITU rules, enabling swimmers to maintain a more efficient posture even when fatigued.


Spend Level - £300-400

Our Choice - Zone3 Aspire (£375)

Mens and Women’s available


The first suit to receive a 10/10 rating from 220 magasine, the Aspire is a suit to be taken seriously!  Our specialist staff have used this model for many years and with great results, both in relation to speed, comfort and warmth.  The Aspire uses limestone derived Yamamoto neoprene, with 5mm panels offering the maximum thickness allowed in competition.  So as to afford you yet more float the Aspire features Yamamoto ‘Aerodome’ side panels, which include embedded air bubbles to promote great body position when swimming freestyle.  Whether you’re a world class racer or enthusiastic open water swimmer the Aspire should be on your wish list.

Spend Level - £400+

Our Choice - Zone3 Vanquish

Mens and Women’s available


With the Vanquish Zone3 gave designers and athletes free reign to produce the greatest swim suit on the planet.  The 5mm Yamamoto neoprene and ultra aerated ‘aerodome’ side panels remain from the Aspire, offering buoyancy to stave off poor posture when fatigued.  The big change comes in the arm panels, for the first time seeing BRS fabric as used in the now outlawed Olympic swimsuits of the mid 2000’s.  As well as being massively low drag, this groundbreaking fabric is super lightweight and with minimal float, giving proficient swimmers the ultimate feel to facilitate perfect technique.  Needless to say, if you are looking for the ultimate edge in the swim then the Vanquish should be your next suit.

As always, if you would like advice tailored to your circumstances then please get in touch.

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