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The roll is a fundamental and highly desirable kayak skill, giving you the confidence to right the boat in even the most turbulent water. Having this ability provides the paddler with absolute confidence, allowing you to progress other boat skills safe in the knowledge that a wet exit should not be required.  The store is lucky to have a private heated pool on site, being the perfect environment to develop your roll with our in house instructor.  The beauty of this facility is that sessions can be tailored around you.  Plus, there is no time pressure to finish a session at a given time, which can be frustrating if you're in the middle of a significant breakthrough.  We also have the ability to use a range of different boat styles should you prefer not to bring your own.  Whether you are new the sport and looking to start your rolling journey, or have a more reliable technique that simply needs finessing, we are here to help.

Learn to roll your kayak at Robin Hood Watersports


The main objective is to boost your confidence and build the correct technique so as to move towards a successful roll.

Generally this will involve our on site heated pool.  However, for more advanced paddlers it might be appropriate to head to an outdoor venue. This allows you to practice in a more realistic environment, with cold and potentially turbulent water.

The aspirations and abilities of each paddler are different, so every session is tailored around you.  It's not uncommon to find bad technique has been engrained, so we’ll often take a step backwards and really investigate the fundamental aspects of the hip flick, setup and paddle tracking.

Whether you choose to book a single session or a longer series of coaching, it's important that you have drills and concepts to practice when away from the shop.  A long break between sessions can significantly slow your progress.  By having some homework it ensures you continue in the right direction.

Learn to roll your kayak at Robin Hood Watersports


Our sessions are generally run over 90 minutes, although this can be altered to suit your preference.  We generally find that half or full day sessions are not of value due to fatigue, often leading to poor form and technique. There is always the option to spend some time off the water initially, explaining fundamental concepts without the complication of being underwater.  Once in the pool it's time to warm up and practice some basic skills so as to minimise the risk of injury.  Then we can move onto developing your roll with a range of drills and technical explanations, the specifics of which will alter depending on your level and aspirations.

Learn to roll your kayak at Robin Hood Watersports


To progress with the rolling technique we would expect you to be comfortable to capsize and exit your kayak. Rolling can be a strenuous activity and thus it is important to consider your fitness levels and any ongoing or historic injuries. If in doubt please consult your GP prior to booking.


Our pool is heated and you're more than welcome to use a thin wetsuit from our fleet.  We'd suggest you bring your standard paddling equipment and clothing so as to correctly recreate the setup from the river, lake or sea. In addition, it's best to use your own kayak and paddle.

Learn to roll your kayak at Robin Hood Watersports


Our standard and recommended 90 minute sessions are priced at £45.  This includes instruction and the use of a boat if required, although it's preferable to bring your own due to the familiar feel.


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As always, if you have any questions about our rolling coaching or any other topics please get in touch.

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