Sit on Top Kayaks

Sit on top kayaks have been a revolution of the past decade and our staff absolutely love them!  As well as offering excellent value you can be assured in their safety for personal or family use.  They remain buoyant even if swamped and allow the user to climb back aboard in the event of a mishap.  Our range from Tootega, Islander and Pyranha might be diverse but we love that most these sit on top kayaks are made in the UK.  Whether you are a new starter or experienced they offer great stability and endless fun.  Longer models will be faster, as well as offering improved straight line tracking and storage capacity.   It might also be useful to look at our extensive range of dry bags to keep your belongings safe.  Looking for a package deal?  See our selection here.  Please get in touch with our specialist team to discuss your plans so we can recommend the perfect kayak for you.

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