The Multisport Rapid - Typhoon's latest creation

The Multisport Rapid - Typhoon's latest creation

The range of Typhoon drysuits are legendary and our thoughts on this North East based brand always positive. Arguably, we should all be more patriotic in our purchasing and with the Multisport series there is no concern of compromising on performance, build quality or value for money.

Being based relatively close to their Redcar production facility our kayak staff were asked to provide input for the latest generation suit. If you’re passionate about the sport it doesn’t get much better than this! As well as our own experiences, customer feedback was very much part of the process. However, with such a highly respected product any redesign brought pressure to ensure positive progression.

We’re pleased to announce the result…………… THE MULTISPORT RAPID!

One area we didn’t want to alter was the balance of durability and freedom of movement. Typhoon suits have always seemed to strike the right balance in this regard, whereas others have compromised in one area to benefit another. That the suits are backed by a three year warranty is unprecedented and should give you confidence when making such a substantial purchase. As such, the Rapid must be viewed as a moderinsation on the MS5, which itself looked to strip back unnecessary material in a drive towards the ultimate fit and feel. The only stipulation being that this must not have a negative effect on durability.

Every product has the potential for improvement and we believe the following updates will bring significant functional improvements on the water.

1) Wrist and Waist Tabs – Velcro closure adjustment has been improved to ensure those with small wrists or waists do not suffer from insufficient overlap. While similar in execution to their MS4, the wrist closure is much slimmer in profile and only marginally heavier than a push through cone. Retaining velcro in this area is favoured by most brands, including Sweet Protection and Palm, and allows better integration should you choose to wear a glove.

2) Ankle Closure – The MS5 suit saw the removal of the ankle tabs in the interest of overall weight reduction. With a boot in place this was functional but we felt it necessary to reintroduce the velcro to manage leg length and eliminate the potential for the dry sock to slip off your foot. Again the velcro overlap is significant and double thickness for longevity. 

3) Zip Cover – In the days of brass zips there was potential for damage to the buoyancy aid straps through abrasion if not covered. While the move to plastic zips has largely negated this as an issue zip covers remain as a protective measure. Those attached above the zip generally make the process of getting into and out of your suit solo tricky. In the case of the MS Rapid we chose to recommend a ‘stealth’ closure, allowing the zip to slide freely while reducing potential for damage.

In addition to these functional improvements, the overall cut of the suit has been improved and aesthetics brought bang up to date. WE LOVE IT! Some customers might have already seen our testing team on the water around Yorkshire and the feedback is exceptional. A massive thanks must go to Harriet, product developer from Typhoon International, for taking on board the feedback and translating this into such an outstanding end product. 

The Typhoon Multisport Rapid is available in the following sizes:
XS, S, S/M, M, MB, L, LB, XL, XXL
Spec - TX4 fabric with overlay panels. Latex wrists and neck. Fabric Feet.

Check out the Multisport Rapid Now

As always, please get in touch with any questions.

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