Zone3 Women's Aspire Wetsuit


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Year on year the Aspire wetsuit builds on its world renowned reputation. It continues to collect accolades from the Triathlon industry, having scored an impressive 10 out of 10 rating in both Triathlete Europe and 220 Magazine in its early years and more recently a 95% rating and the prestigious BEST BUY award. The Aspire is constantly given praise for its great fit, remarkable flexibility around the shoulders, carefully balanced buoyancy and rapid removal.

The Zone3 Aspire - what can we say that hasn���t already been said in 220 Magazine?�� Well, to cover the basics:

Industry awards:

220 Triathlon: Editor���s Choice and 10/10 Rating��

220 Triathlon: Best Buy 2017

220 Triathlon: Best Value 2018

Triathlete Europe: 10/10 Rating

So why all the fuss?

The Aspire has always been a brilliant option for the enthusiast swimmer or triathlete.�� The fact it was the first suit from any brand to receive full marks in 220 magazine speaks volumes.�� This is something Zone3 are very proud of, reflected in the heavy 10/10 branding on all Aspire variants.�� However, the new Aspire is very different from those early versions and in our view this has taken both comfort and performance to another level.�� However, you can���t have a 11/10 can you.

Tell me about the changes we hear you say!�� Well, like the Vision model, the Aspire uses the maximum ITU allowed thickness of 5mm.�� You are not allowed to use neoprene thicker than this and thus when brands wish to have more float in a panel they have to get creative.�� In this case Zone3 get around the thickness restriction by using aerodrome material on the leg side panel.�� For the uninitiated, this is simply a 5mm neoprene but with small air bubbles for 30% improved float over solid fabric.��

Speaking of the neoprene, Zone3 use a Japanese Yamamoto 39 cell, which is extremely buoyant and flexible.�� Being produced from limestone as opposed to oil it checks the eco friendly box too.�� Looking again at flexibility it is worth mention that this fabric stretches 480-580%, compared with just 60-70% for human skin.�� However, there���s no point having super flexible buoyant rubber if you can���t change quickly in transition.�� To aid overall changing speed Zone3 use their prospeed cuffs on ankle and wrists, allowing the suit to slip effortlessly over feet and hands.�� Lastly, the entire Aspire suit is finished in an ultra low drag SCS coating.�� This ensures absolute efficiency and you can have confidence each stroke will propel you with maximum effect.

Fit is the Key!

The correct fit is massively important to wetsuit comfort and performance.�� We find customers who have time to discuss this with our staff massively benefit.�� For a quick overview of the correct technique for getitng into your new suit this Zone3 video is excellent:


As with the other Zone3 models our staff have extensive experience with the Aspire model and can recommend it wholeheartedly. �� While aimed at intermediate triathletes upwards there is essentially nothing but positive traits when purchased by those new to the sport.�� Think of it as a future proof option for a little more initial outlay.�� The only exception to this would be fit you plan to swim breaststroke, as the enhanced buoyancy has a negative effect on body position for this stroke.�� In this scenario, why not look at the Vision or P:1.