Staff Profile: Meet Kieron

Staff Profile: Meet Kieron

Specialist Area
Scuba Diving
Also knowledgable in

Anything Diving related, including equipment repair/servicing
How did you get into your sport
During a family holiday to Barbados, age 12, I did a try dive in Carlisle Bay and have been hooked ever since! 
2020 Trips planned
Favourite location for your sport
It has to be Barbados, arguably not the worlds best diving location but certainly the most fun! 

Favourite food
Nam Tok Moo, the spicier the better
Memorable last session and why
Diving with the bull sharks in Thailand, especially watching the camera man fending off a three metre female with his camera.
Piece of kit that makes you smile
Pee valve, mainly because I'm still young enough not to need one.

Advice to customers for progressing and enjoying your sport.
Get out and dive.  Don't get too worried about collecting qualifications at the expense of time in the water.  Courses are important but getting out, having fun and gaining experience is what diving is all about.