Scubapro Definition HD Review

Scubapro Definition HD Review

If we haven't met yet, I'm Conor, the fresh face leading the dive school at RoHo! Prior to joining this fantastic team, I was exploring underwater wonders in much warmer climates. So, it probably won't surprise you to learn that the first item that I added to my kit bag upon arriving in Yorkshire was a brand-new drysuit. After some careful consideration, I made up my mind and chose the Scubapro Definition HD, a membrane front entry suit. Since then, I've been to Capernwray for a few weekends, and I must say, I'm really happy with my decision!

The Scubapro Definition HD has a range of remarkable characteristics, but what really caught my attention was the excellent craftsmanship, effortless wearing experience, the slimline boots, easy access pockets, and the secure I-safe straps. This drysuit is constructed with a durable trilaminate design that is stitched, glued, and double waterproof taped for maximum reliability. The suit is designed with a diagonal zip and telescopic body, making it incredibly easy to put on and ensuring maximum comfort once it's in place. The slim-line boots are integrated into the suit and boast soft protective soles, providing exceptional grip even on uneven surfaces. Additionally, the boots are equipped with Velcro ankle straps, effectively preventing any unwanted air from sneaking in. The suit is designed with two thigh pockets that have spacious Velcro openings, along with a convenient small zipped section on the front - this is ideal for carrying a compact torch. Additionally, the large Velcro sections are equipped with a couple of blue bungee loops, allowing you to easily attach and secure various items. The I-Safe straps on each wrist offer an excellent solution to keep your dive computer or compass secure. With its simplicity and effectiveness, you can trust that your valuable dive computer will stay safe and sound.

I was blown away by how comfortable this suit is. Considering it's an off the shelf drysuit with a size chosen solely based on their size chart, it fits incredibly well! The suit's cut makes it a breeze to put on and once properly fastened, it offers an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience. The boots that come with it are hands down the best drysuit boots I've ever encountered. Their slim-line design allows me to use the same fins whether I'm wearing a wet suit boot or a dry suit boot. The Velcro ankle straps are a simple yet effective solution for preventing any annoying air from travelling into the boots.

In my view, among off-the-shelf suits in the same price bracket, the Scubapro definition HD surpasses the competition, mainly due to its outstanding boots. If I've successfully persuaded you, why not visit our store so we can measure you up? My suit is kept in the kit room, always available for you to see first-hand.

I look forward to meeting more of you!


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