Staff Profile: Meet Callum

Staff Profile: Meet Callum



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Stand Up Paddleboarding


Kayak and Canoe (depending on the question!)

How did you get into your sport

I got into windsurfing through my Dad who was a keen racer back in the day. It all properly started for me through sailing which was my first passion from a very young age. My first windsurf experience was actually at a sailing event in Holland and from then onwards I was very much hooked, it was different to sailing in that the only competitive aspect was between myself and I, which was fresh after competing in sailing for so many years. The windsurfing then continued back into the UK which was a fair shock in terms of weather conditions, I learnt to properly windsurf up at Grimwith reservoir (Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club) with my bestfriend Tom. It was great to have someone else to learn with although he was better than me! We’d spend any free time we had up at the lake avoiding school deadlines and other commitments pushing each other which paid off. Our background in sailing helped with the learning and we took to it fairly quickly and the rest is history!

Favourite location for your sport

Grimwith reservoir, it’s where it all started for me and I wouldn’t be the windsurfer I am today without it. Some of my favourite sessions have been at Grimwith, and most certainly my coldest sessions. Rhosneigr too gave me my first taste of wave sailing so that’s absolutely up there! I haven’t done much travelling with my windsurf kit but it’s something I absolutely want to do, a change from the murky UK would be nice.

Favourite biscuit (should you feel the need to drop some in when visiting the store)

Chocolate Hob Nobs, there’s never an occasion when they aren’t appreciated.

Memorable session and why

A session that always stands out to me is when I was very much still learning to windsurf, me and my best friend Tom were up at Grimwith waiting for wind in the summer. It got to around 5pm and we were getting ready to pack it all in but this amazing 15-20mph breeze came through and we stayed out until it got dark. It’s the session where I felt fully comfortable in the footsraps/harness and that will always stick with me! We finished with beer and curry as well so that’s always a win.

Piece of kit that makes you smile

Tricky, my 86L Goya Custom Quad deserves a mention. My first proper wave board, it’s something I feel super comfortable on and it’s usually breezy if I’m using it! My old man also has a green Fanatic Bee which I used to love watching him sail when I was a kid, so that holds a special place.

Advice to customers for progressing and enjoying your sport.

Stick with it! It’s the most rewarding sport out there. You will spend hours, weeks, months in the water flapping around getting frustrated but you have to just stick with it. It’ll all slot into place one day and you’ll get such a buzz from the feeling of being able to blast across the lake or nail your first gybe.