Sideon | A New Brand In Our Store

Sideon | A New Brand In Our Store

Who are Sideon?

Sideon is a French watersports brand who mainly specialise in watersports such as windsurfing, wing foiling and Stand-Up-Paddle boarding. When Sideon approached us to get involved with the brand we we’re very excited to get on board with these guys, they really do have it all.

What do they offer?

Sideon have a huge range of kit to offer, but we really wanted to get involved in their accessories. As I’m sure you guys have noticed the price of kit has been creeping up in the recent years and we have found that Sideon offer brilliant pricing for kit that wouldn’t look out of place in any premium brands showroom! Also, we appreciate that some of you guys live by your older windsurf kit and you’re going to need spares when things break. Sideon offer components such as 3 wheel pulleys for older sails without integrated downhaul blocks. If you want to turn your favourite boom into RDM compatible then they offer a RDM shim which slots in the boom head meaning you can put your new boom money into a new sail….or board. A personal favourite is the board protector or Jezs Nob as they are also known as. This is a small dome like structure that slots into your mast track and stops the mast from smashing up the front of your board. Not only is this a great way to protect your board but it means you don’t have to cover up the front of your board with an ugly nose protector. The dream.

Sideon don’t only do little bits however, another item that has been very successful for us and we’ve had good feedback on is their Classic Aluminium boom. Initially, £120 for a 140-200 and £130 for a 170-230 boom is a cracking price. The boom is an aluminium construction with a fixed boom head and offers 60cm of extension which is 10cm more than most other brands booms. The boom arms are standard diameter and fitted with a very comfortable grip.

The Sideon wing was another ground breaker for us. We have been very enthused to see how much wing foiling has taken off but as to be expected it isn’t the cheapest sport to get involved in, with most wings retailing at around £850 for a 5m. The Sideon Morphe comes in at a very competitive price of £499. Having a wing at almost half the price of the standard may raise some concerns in terms of the quality of the item. But, having had the wing out in the shop and compared it to many of the wings we’ve had pass through we’re very impressed. The canopy tension is fairly neutral so that it still has enough tension to offer good power delivery but if you did want to depower and let the wing go then it will do so. There isn’t any windows in the wing and this was a choice by Sideon as the windows can affect the flow of wind over the canopy as well, also some brands have experienced problems with PVC windows in colder temperatures when stored. The wing has handles instead of a boom as they find the strut has enough stability that there isn’t a need for a boom.

Personal Experience with the kit

We’ve had brilliant feedback about the kit and I’m sure this is going to continue. I’ve had some of the items such as the mast bases and easy riggers for a little while and given them a fair amount of stick, absolutely fine. We’re super excited to see what Sideon come out with next and see their progression in the wind sports scene.