Pyranha Ripper 2 Whitewater Kayak | George's First Thoughts

Pyranha Ripper 2 Whitewater Kayak | George's First Thoughts

So, in theory what would paddlers like an evolution of the original Ripper to look like?  For many the answer is probably worded around the saying 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'.  However, working in the store gives me an insight into likes and dislikes, subtle comments about outfitting and ergonomics, as well as performance traits.  From Pyranha's initial description it's clear the Runcorn based brand has been hearing the same feedback, outlined below:

  1. Width – A common comment in store was about the narrow feel of the original Ripper. Of course, narrow boats bring rapid edge transitions and a finessed feel that suits advanced paddlers.  However, it can also feel a little twitchy in challenging conditions and thus the overall width has been increased in order to give you performance and confidence across a range of conditions.  This should also make the edging for stern dip initiation less critical.
  2. Tail Volume – Boats are always a balance and to improve one characteristic will generally hinder another. The original Ripper is massively capable as a one boat quiver and you’ll see endless videos of them running class five, both high volume and steep low water ditches.  This top end grade capacity meant the boat retained more tail volume than you might expect, resulting in tallies that required better technique and greater power than comparable boats.  In this latest generation the tail is thinner and volume reduced as a result.  In addition, the stern rail is softer, allowing you to access the vertical world more easily.

  1. Bow Rocker – As alternative brands came to the half slice category it was clear more rocker was being added with each iteration. It left the Ripper feeling somewhat flat but fast, which was partly responsible for its capacity on difficult grades. Carrying speed into challenging features brought confidence.  The MK2 sees more rocker present, so rather than charging in you can rely on a subtle sweep style boof to ride over intimidating holes.
  2. Sizing - The medium was always the gem in the crown of the Ripper MK1.  The first size to be developed and it worked best as a result.  A careful approach has been taken to the new boat, with the small and large being treated totally independently of the medium.  You'll note the variance in length between sizes is much greater than in the original.  I believe it will fit a wider range of paddlers, perform better and be more comfortable as a result.

The fundamental changes Pyranha have chosen feel like the perfect evolution and all our staff are massively excited to spend time in the Ripper 2.  Unbeknown to many we’ve had stock, demo and personal boats on order for many months so hope to have test boats available asap.  If you’d like to try one out then please get in touch.  We'll follow this up with an on the water review once Joe and I feel confident to give valuable first hand feedback.


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