Palm Equipment Riff Buoyancy Aid | An Overview

Palm Equipment Riff Buoyancy Aid | An Overview

You’ll likely associate the Palm Equipment brand with quality, design focussed products and a passion for paddlesports.  This UK based manufacturer has a rich history in technical clothing but in our view it is the buoyancy aid range where they really stand out from the crowd.  In the whitewater world their Amp, Extrem and FXR models are legendary. So, can the Riff live up to the hype?  Ultimately only time will tell but our initial reaction is ‘ABSOLUTELY’!  Read on to learn more about it.

Palm Riff Buoyancy Aid Jet Grey

With any buoyancy aid safety has to be the first consideration.  Whatever your intended use, from whitewater kayak to SUP, the Riff has you protected.  For the average adult, 50 newtons of uplift is the minimum required for certification, usually increasing with jacket size.  The buoyancy ratings for the Riff are shown below, far surpassing these standard values and making this buoyancy aid the perfect candidate for both flat and turbulent water use.

XXS (30-50kg) – 50N

XS/S (40-70kg) – 60N

M/L (60-90kg) – 70N

XL/XXL(80-110kg) – 80N

Palm Riff Buoyancy Aid On The Water Review

The traditional concern with high float vests is that freedom of movement is compromised, making the jacket feel bulky, especially with a packed pocket.  In the case of the Riff, Palm’s design team have addressed these issues with a carefully considered cut and wrap around design.  In doing so paddlers will enjoy peace of mind without restriction.  Comparable buoyancy aids, such as Palm’s FX or Peak’s River Vest, are usually vest style with no zip or entry buckles.  Defying convention the Riff features two side buckles, allowing quick access that eliminates the snagging that can occur with drysuit use.  Both straps can be adjusted quickly, along with the shoulders, to achieve the perfect. The importance of correctly adjusting the waist level straps cannot be overstated.  Ultimately it is this feature that is most effective in stopping any buoyancy aid riding up in use.

Palm Riff Buoyancy Aid Features

Pocket storage is a massively importance issue in our store.  While some prefer the absolute minimalist look, choosing to keep essential items elsewhere, we believe that our customers find pockets a useful addition.  Their size, shape and location varies between models but almost all have improved significantly over the past decade.  Most have evolved toward a clam shell shape, offering the largest possible space without hindering ease of access.  Segmentation is key and with the Riff Palm have not missed a trick.  Instead, the main pocket has two sections and you will also benefit from a separate folding knife stow for easy access in an emergency.

Palm Riff Buoyancy aid in use

It feels as if Palm have been carefully listening to paddler feedback during the development of the Riff, no doubt much of this coming from their experienced team.  This latest release is a massive progression from the FX series, which it essentially replaces.  While clearly aimed towards a whitewater play and freeride market we believe it would also be a fantastic choice for recreational paddlers and SUP enthusiasts looking for safety and excellent pocket storage.  Why not add a Riff to your kit quiver, then provide us with a real world review?

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please ask.


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