Drybags | Which Size Is Right For You?

Drybags | Which Size Is Right For You?

Dry bags are an essential piece of kit for every Water sport out there. From keeping your sandwiches dry to more critical jobs such as protecting that new DSLR camera. Ortlieb offer a whole range of different sizes ranging from 5L all the way up to 109L. Although the staff here at ROHO struggle to agree on which sport is best, one thing we do all agree on is the quality and great value of the Ortlieb PD350 range.

Read on to learn more about the different sizes and their potential role in your kit bag. Please note, not all produced sizes are listed, just those we consider most useful.

5 & 7L

The smallest options in the Ortlieb mid weight range. These bag sizes are perfect for storing essential items that you don’t want to get wet. Great for keys, wallet and snacks!  Just pop in the contents, roll down three times and clip up, then you're ready to hit the water. Like all dry bags in the PD350 range, a single stiffener bar ensures absolute waterproofness, protection and optimal packing volume.

10 & 12L

The next sizes are 10 and 12 litres.  As a day bag these sizes are tricky to beat, still being easy to stow in most closed cockpit kayaks.  They're perfect for everything you'd keep in the 5 and 7l versions, with additional space for lunch and a spare thermal or similar.  As with all dry bags it’s important to roll a minimum or three times and keep good tension.  However, you can always apply an extra roll or two should you need to reduce the storage capacity.


Another popular choice with our staff, the 22L bag allows enough space for a spare set of clothes and a towel.  It's a great solution for when you’ve finished an activity. After all, nobody wants to get off the water and have to get changed into damp clothes! Miserable.


In some ways the 35L is a tricky choice, being too large for in kayak storage but too small to act as your big kit bag.  Arguably best used when heading to a club pool session or wild swimming, where the kit requirement is less.  They also make an epic choice as a day bag when paddling larger boats such as traditional canoes.

59, 79 & 109L

The 59, 79 and 109L are perfect for putting all of your kit in for multiday trips. For example, put everything you need for a multiday canoe trip and organise it by putting smaller dry bags within it.  In addition to this, they’re also great for stuffing with all your wet kit after a session, keeping your vehicle nice and dry.  The 109L is worth particular note.  It's a fantastic size for all your kit and the value for money really is unbelievable!


SIZE 5L 7L 10L 13L 22L 35L 59L 79L 109L
HEIGHT 20 25 34 42 52 60 70 75 80


19 19 19 19 22 26 31 34 39
CIRCUMFERENCE 60 60 60 60 70 83 96 107 122


As with all our products, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help with any questions.

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