Christmas Gift Ideas For Stand Up Paddle Boarders From Robin Hood Watersports

Christmas Gift Ideas For Stand Up Paddle Boarders From Robin Hood Watersports

The staff here at Robin Hood Watersports appreciate how hard it can be to pick a paddle board related Christmas gift if you don’t actively participate. As active paddlers ourselves we can help you select the perfect gift for your paddling friends and family. This blog lists numerous options of varying price.  We’ve included a short overview of each and hope this help you understand its use and purpose. As always, if you’re not quite sure and want to discuss further please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can assist you further on your present hunting mission!

£30 and under

Ion Blade Bag - £24.99

An ideal present for any serious Paddle Boarder. Blade bags are used to not only protect your paddle, but also you and your mate’s cars when transporting and shuttling! Paddles can be quite expensive and these bags can seriously add to the lifespan of them. Shop here.

Smiley’s Nose Plug - £6.99

Smiley’s nose plugs will eliminate that horrible feeling of water going up your nose, which every SUPer has experienced. A cheap yet super effective present that the person receiving didn’t know they needed. Shop here.

Palm Wire Gate Carabiner - £17

An essential piece of kit which can be used for so many different things. From securing a drinks bottle to your board to being used in rescue situations, it will not let you down.  Shop here.

Ortlieb PD350 dry bags - From £21

Ortlieb dry bags will keep all the important items dry and secure but won’t break the bank. Strong, light and reliable these dry bags are a piece of equipment a paddler can’t have too many of. Shop here.

Palm Index Neoprene Socks - £29

These thin neoprene socks are perfect for wearing underneath your shoes. These are a staff favourite here at ROHO and won’t disappoint. Shop here.

Roofrack Straps - From £7.99

It might seem a silly thing but roof straps are always in short supply and I don't know a paddle boarder with a rigid board in the country that wouldn't be grateful for another set.  Where they all go, we don't know!  The store carries a wide range but were it our money it would be spent on the Palm Equipment version, which comes in 3.5, 4.5 or 5.5m.  If in doubt go long. Shop straps here.

SUP Fanatic Coiled Leash - £22

This SUP leash retracts to avoid snagging and getting in the way when paddle boarding. Simple yet effective, this leash is an essential safety feature when paddling on flat water. Shop here.

Aquapac Electronics case - From £26.95

It is important to have a phone with you on the water so you can contact people if needed but also get those photos and videos to remember your day out! The Aquapac Case comes in a range of different sizes, is fully waterproof and is complete with a handy lanyard. Shop here.


2021 Ion SUP Core Board Bag - From £99

This bag is made from 100% recycled materials and give you peace of mind that you board is being protected properly. Rigid paddle boards can be expensive, so why not treat someone to this bag that will increase the amount of time someone can use it. Shop here.

Surf Ears 3.0 - £50

Surf ears successfully stop water from entering the ears. Not only can water entering be extremely uncomfortable, it can lead to nasty ear infections which can keep you off the water for a long time. An essential in most of the staff’s kit bag! Shop here.

O'Neill Heat 5mm Round Toe Boot - £59.95

The O’Neil Heat offer warmth, flexibility and are just great value for money. They’re thin enough to make sure you have that all important contact with the board but will keep your feet toasty all year round. Shop here.

NRS Hydroskin Glove - £26.95 (RRP £39.95)

The Hydroskins allow a thin layer of insulation, keeping the hands warm, without compromising grip and contact with the paddle. Perfect for those in-between-weather trips. Shop here.

Palm Quest Kids BA - £41 (RRP £49)

Keep the kids safe on the water with the Palm Quest Kids Buoyancy aid. This high quality and well fitted BA will go down a treat with the younger paddlers who can’t wait to get on the water. Shop here.

Mystic Poncho Deluxe Explore Changing Robe - £89.95

The Deluxe Explore changing robe is suitable for pretty much any sport that involves getting changed outside or needing to stay warm. Its generous cut and warm lining means the days of shivering in a car park getting changed into a wetsuit are gone! Shop here.


Mystic Star Full suit 3/2mm - £194.95

The Mystic star offers a soft and flexible neoprene which is ideal for paddle boarding. This suit is thin enough to allow for movement when paddle boarding but will keep you warm if you do end up in the water! Shop here.

Jobe Fibreglass 3 Piece SUP Paddle - £139.99

This Fibreglass paddle is lightweight, adjustable and perfect for long days out paddling. Its 3 piece construction means that it is super easy to stow away and can be tucked away nicely in the car when on the way to your favourite paddling destination. Shop here.

Palm Vantage Women's Jacket - £132

The ultimate SUP jacket?  We think so.  Made from a waterproof and breathable fabric and including integrated hood.  You'll be well protected from rough weather but retain the ventilation to avoid that boil in the bag feeling.  A central pocket and fleece hand warmer section are a bonus! Shop here.

Thermo-X Long Sleeve Top - From £41.95

The Thermo-X will keep you warmer when you’re in and out of the water. It can transfer a mid-range winter wetsuit into a low temperature suit making it a pleasure to wear. This top comes in short sleeve as well as men's and women’s specific fits. Shop here.


Fanatic Fly Air Inflatable SUP Package - From £319 (RRP £576)

The Fly Air package is the ultimate package for someone who wants to get onto Paddle boarding. Fully kit them out with a Fanatic Fly Air Inflatable Board Red, Fanatic Pump, Fanatic Bag Inc. Backpack Straps, Fanatic Leash, Repair Kit, Fin and a paddle. They won’t be able to wait to get on the water! Shop here.

Spinera Let's Paddle 10ft4 Inflatable SUP Package - £329

This Spinera package offers incredible value for money from a highly respectable brand. This package includes a 10ft4 SUP Board, compact backpack, double action performance pump, 3 pcs Alu Classic Paddle, Fins and a repair kit. A great present that will leave the receiver smiling. Shop here.

Gift Vouchers

Perhaps the ultimate gift?  We think so!  Our gift vouchers are available in values of £10, £20, £50 or £100 and can be used against any item in store or online.  The expiry date is 12 months from purchase so there is absolutely no panic to use them. Shop here.


We hope you have found this information useful and the aforementioned items will find their way into many stockings this Christmas.  However, if you require more bespoke advice on a gift for the paddler in your life then please get in touch via phone or email.

Have a great Christmas everyone.

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