Christmas Gift Ideas For Snowboarders From Robin Hood Watersports

Christmas Gift Ideas For Snowboarders From Robin Hood Watersports

If you have friends and family who love to snowboard on your Christmas list and cannot decide what to buy then please read on.

We’re here to help with our recommendations on useful, good value and risk free purchases. We’ve generally avoided products that are very specific or size critical, so buy with confidence. One of the fantastic things about snowboarding is how many accessories we need, so you’re sure to find the perfect gift.  See our full range of gift recommendations for snowboaders here.

Wall Mounts - £18

All our snowboard customers take great pride in choosing their board, carefully selecting aesthetics as well as function.  As such, it's not surprising to see them keen to show off their purchase at home using a wall mounting system.  We have two styles and they're sure to be well received on Christmas Day. Shop here.

Burton Cable Security Lock - £15

Nobody wants to risk their pride and joy when riding in the mountains.  Reduce the risk with this combination lock from Burton.  Fits all boards so buy with confidence. Shop here.

Burton Snowboard Combination Lock Lime

Dakine Spike Stomp Pad - £11

Stomp pads allow you to maintain control when riding with one foot outside the bindings.  This would primarily be when riding lifts, but can also be useful elsewhere.  We carry a full range and they make for perfect presents.  This Spike stomp from Dakine would be our choice but you can shop all models here.

Dakine Spike Snowboard Stomp Pad

Dakine Torque Driver - £10

There's nothing worse than bindings screws working loose on the hill and not having a tool to hand.  This Dakine Torque driver is a handy accessory that stows easily in your jacket pocket or pack, ensuring you'll never be caught out again. A must for any passionate snowboarder. Shop here.


Socks - From £15.99

We don't know a single snowboarder who owns enough socks and on a week long trip this can cause problems in a cramped alpine apartment!  Ideally you'd have a pair for each day.  All our socks come with a clear size guide, thereby making them a risk free purchase. Shop here.

Thermals - From £24

Like socks, we never have enough thermal layers and some riders have been known to go a full week with only one.  After strenuous days on the mountain followed by nights in the bar the results are not ideal.  Treat your friend or family member to a fresh set this Christmas. Shop mens and womens.

Dakine Low Roller Wheelie Bag - £155

The tried and test all time classic wheelie bag.  The Low Roller allows you to leave bindings attached for simple transport.  Pack the bag out with your outerwear, boots and helmet.  Dakine are well known for the quality of their products, so this wheelie bag makes for a risk free purchase. Shop all snowboard bags here.

Dakine Low Roller Wheelie Snowboard Bag Black


Gift Vouchers

Perhaps the ultimate gift?  We think so!  Our gift vouchers are available in values of £10, £20, £50 or £100 and can be used against any item in store or online.  The expiry date is 12 months from purchase so there is absolutely no panic to use them. Shop here.


We hope you have found this information useful and the aforementioned items will find their way into many stockings this Christmas.  However, if you require more bespoke advice on a gift for the snowboarder in your life then please get in touch via phone or email.

Have a great Christmas everyone.

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