Christmas Gifts For Divers | Our Recommendations

Christmas Gifts For Divers | Our Recommendations

For most individuals who don’t dive, purchasing something for a diver can be a minefield of confusing info and never ending technical specifications.  So we’re going to try to make that minefield a little bit clearer with our gift recommendations.  First of all (and this is universally acknowledged), a diver will NEVER have enough kit!  The seasoned ones amongst us have a primary and secondary for most things we own, then we also tend to have back-ups for the back-ups.

Stocking Fillers

In our kit boxes (similar to socks in a washing machine) we tend to lose / misplace (lend and never see again) things like gloves and hoods on a regular basis.

The Fourth Element range of gloves, hoods, thermal hats, socks, wrist warmers, towels and changing mats start from as little as £17. 

Two main things we take into consideration when diving colder waters is: staying warm during a dive and the second is staying warm during our surface interval. 

The Fourth Element hoods and gloves come in 3mm or 5mm thicknesses, most UK divers opt for the 5mm during the colder months and 3mm for extra dexterity or summer diving. 

Hoods start at £33 and the Gloves start at £44.95.

Fourth Element thermals like the Hot Foot socks have a double layer of high insulation material to provide maximum thermal protection for the feet – one of the first parts of the body to feel the cold during a dive.  The Xerotherm Wrist Warmers sit below the drysuit seal, and allow air to equalise with the dryglove system. The double layer of xerotherm fabric on the inside of the wrist provides enhanced protection for an area where blood flows close to the skin surface. Hands will therefore stay warmer for longer. The hat similarly is effective wet or dry, and is an essential bit of kit for warming up after a dive.

Lastly we have several other stocking filler options such as the changing mat which is essential to stand on something not muddy or wet when puttiong on or taking off your drysuit.  It also doubles as a handing mat to lie your kit on, again to prevent regulator mouth pieces from becoming muddy.  


Equipment Bags

Similar to Kit boxes another accessories a diver can never have enough of is bags.  Whether these be mesh duffels for day boat diving, weight bags to put in (you’ve guessed it Lead!), travel bags, dry bags or regulator bags, if it has a divers preferred brand on it chances are they’ll want one.  Below is a rundown of our most popular and colourful contenders.

The Scubapro Reg Bag has a trendy design and is accompanied by a computer bag, meaning your regulatiors and guages are protected wherever you're travelling to.  The bag has an internal clear pocket, exterior carry handle and shoulder strap, meaning this bag has a multitude of uses.  At £27 it's a bargain too.  

Mesh Duffle Bags are something that can be used both home and abroad, whether in a car or on a boat. The Duffle Pack is a popular option and comes in 6 different colours.  If you're looking for something a little larger the Explorer Roller is an easy recommendation.


The Orca D550 Torch

The Orca D550 is compact and lightweight torch with a tail switch is easy to use.  This complete setup comes with a battery, charger, spare O-Rings, soft Goodman’s handle wrist mount, lanyard and handy carry case. 

With its 1000 lumens and a run time of over 5 hours, high, low and flashing strobe style settings, a depth rating of 150m; the D550 makes an incredible primary and back-up torch.

Even better is the price!


The Sealife Sport Diver Smart Phone Housing

Ok so this is super exciting and if you’re looking for the most ideal gift for a diver who is also an avid photographer then this little beauty is a must. 

Sealife have designed an iPhone housing not just compatible with one type of phone but the underwater housing is so versatile that it works with all iPhone models from iPhone 7 up including the Plus, Pro and Pro Max running iOS 13 or higher and now Android phones too with the all new Android App.

The housing is rated to a 40m depth and even more exciting is the vacuum pump as standard, this is a feature that is found on the higher spec DSLR Camera setups. Dual leak alarms, Bluetooth for auto picture and video upload to your camera roll and external underwater colour correction filter.

The free SportDiver app captures photos and video directly to your iPhone’s camera roll.  The app also allows you to control advanced camera settings, like Zoom, Lens selection, Exposure, Focus, White Balance, Tint, RAW capture, Live Photo and Background Blur, as if you were using a more sophisticated underwater camera, such as the Canon or Nikon DSLR’s. 

This is probably the biggest must have since air integrated computers were released, check out the link or give the dive department a call and order one quick.


General Accessories

As a diver you can never have enough spares such as Lanyards, Straps, O-Rings, Bolt Snaps and essential back-ups such as a spare mask. ‘Have you got a spare O-Ring? or Have you got a spare mask?’ have to be one the most common phrases when kitting up.  So why not fill your stocking with a couple of spares check out the accessories page on our website.

Fingers crossed this has pointed you in the right direction for some fun gift ideas, if you have any more questions about any of our dive equipment, courses or accessories then please don’t hesitate to give the shop a call on 01924 444888.


If we don’t hear from you then have a brilliant Christmas and fingers crossed for a better 2022! See you in the water.