Christmas Gift Ideas For Windsurfers From Robin Hood Watersports

Christmas Gift Ideas For Windsurfers From Robin Hood Watersports


The staff here at Robin Hood Watersports appreciate how hard it can be to pick a windsurfing related Christmas gift if you don’t actively participate. As active windsurfers ourselves we can help you select the perfect gift for your windsurfing friends and family. This blog lists 20 options of varying price.  We’ve included a short overview of each and hope this help you understand its use and purpose. As always, if you’re not quite sure and want to discuss further please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can assist you further on your present hunting mission!

Under £30

Surfline Premium Down haul/outhaul - £2.95 per meter

There is no better way to speed up rigging sails than with new downhaul rope that slides through the cleats with no effort. The cheapest way to get more performance from your sail, the pre-stretched line will not stretch once you have set your downhaul. Shop here

We recommend:

2m for downhaul

1m for outhaul  

Gear Aid Aquasure Epoxy Repair putty 57g - £10

An essential in any windsurfers kit bag for making sure you can get on the water and not miss a session if you damaged your board. Just mix the two parts and press into the repair and sand once cured.  Shop here.

Sideon Two Handed Rig Tensioner -  £19.50

Take the stress off your harness bar and remember how to tie a bowline by using this rig tensioner.  This tool also has a Phillips and flat head build into the ends for your fins and foot straps. Shop here.

Yak Neoprene Open Palm Mitts - £21.00

These gloves are the best option for windsurfing in the colder months offering that hand on boom feeling with the protection of a proper neoprene glove.  These are a staff favourite here at ROHO and won’t disappoint. Shop here.

Roofrack Straps - From £7.99

It might seem a silly thing but roof straps are always in short supply and I don't know a windsurfer in the country that wouldn't be grateful for another set.  Where they all go, we don't know!  The store carries a wide range but were it our money it would be spent on the Palm Equipment version, which comes in 3.5, 4.5 or 5.5m.  If in doubt go long. Shop straps here.

O’Neill Epic Boot 5mm Round Toe - £29.95

Cold feet is one of the worst reasons to end your session. The O’Neill Epic Boot has a slim rubber toe box that does not impede getting in and out of the footstraps as well as a flexible sole that allows for great feedback from the board. A perfect way to help battle the winter winds. Shop here


Sideon rig winch tensioner - £49

The ultimate tool to help while rigging your sail. Rigging larger sails can be a laborious task and tricky to get the correct tension on the sail without breaking your back. The Rig winch is a great help to any windsurfer. Shop here.

Surf Ears 3.0 - £50

Surf ears successfully stop water from entering the ears. Not only can water entering be extremely uncomfortable, it can lead to nasty ear infections or surf ear, which can keep you off the water for a long time. The surf ear has intergraded mesh system to keep the water out but let the sound in, essential when you’re listening out for gusts or other windsurfers. Shop here.

Mystic Poncho Velour - £59.95

Getting changed at the beach or lake is always a dreaded process when it’s chilly. The Mystic poncho is a staff favourite with its luxurious soft fabric and quick drying properties. The poncho helps with motivation to get out on the water. Shop here.

MFC Fin Bag XL Racing - £57

The MFC Fin XL Racing bag is great for keeping all your rigging tools and fins in one place, not having them dotted about the van/car getting damaged. This bag has lots of spare pockets for replacement bolts and screws. This is a perfect present for any windsurfer. Shop here.

Ion Ballistic 6/5 Internal Split Boots - £89.95

These are the panicle of windsurfing boot, a real luxury. It’s super rare to have a boot that will keep your feet warm in any conditions, but to not lose the feel of your board.  These are a personal favourite of the shop the perfect companion in icy conditions. Treat your loved ones to warm feet this Christmas with the Ion Ballistic 6/5 boots. Shop here.

Ion Booster X vest SZ - £64.95

ION vests are designed to cater to all levels of riding. Whether you’re looking for added buoyancy, or peace of mind when on the water, our range of multi-functional vests will boost your confidence so you can take your riding to the next level. Shop here.

Mystic Poncho Deluxe Explore Changing Robe - £94.95

The Deluxe Explore changing robe is suitable for pretty much any sport that involves getting changed outside or needing to stay warm between sessions. Its generous cut and warm lining means the days of shivering in a car park are gone! Shop here.

OVER £100+

Ion Axxis windsurfing harness   - £119.95

If you know someone who is just getting into Windsurfing there is no better present to help them progress than getting them their first harness. The Ion Axxis is a super durable and comfy harness that will last you for years to come. Shop here.

OVER £300

Quatro Wing Drifter and North Foil package - £2999

What a better way to start off the new year by getting into the fastest growing watersport at this moment in time. If you’re a windsurfer looking for light wind options or someone whos fresh into the sport then this package is perfect. Waves or flat water, this package does it all. The Quatro Wingdrifter’s quad concave design really helps release on the tail when getting onto the foil and when you touch down. Making the transition from cruising to foiling effortless. This combined with the 5.0m nova wing and 1850 North Sonar Dawn Edition Foil makes the perfect package for Christmas.




Fanatic Fly Air Package - From £469

After the lack of wind this summer we’ve all suffered for time off the water, paddle boarding has opened up so many opportunities in terms of exploration and fitness, we think it’s only right to get you involved! The Fanatic fly air is the all-round package to maximise your time on the water. Shop here.

Goya Super Skinny - From £599

The ultimate present for a Windsurfer. The Goya Super Skinny 100% Carbon boom revolutionises your rigs feel. The skinny nature of the boom give a more crisp feeling from your sail and decreases fatigue in your arms due to the comfier grip diameter.  Shop here.

Gift Vouchers

Perhaps the ultimate gift?  We think so!  Our gift vouchers are available in values of £10, £20, £50 or £100 and can be used against any item in store or online.  The expiry date is 12 months from purchase so there is absolutely no panic to use them. Shop here.


We hope you have found this information useful and the aforementioned items will find their way into many stockings this Christmas.  However, if you require more bespoke advice on a gift for the windsurfer in your life then please get in touch via phone or email.

Have a great Christmas everyone.

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