An Exclusive Look At The 2022 Quatro Range By Robin Hood Watersports

An Exclusive Look At The 2022 Quatro Range By Robin Hood Watersports

The beauty of a two year cycle is the excitement that comes when we first receive the new pictures, dimensions and reviews from all the team riders. We’re now really happy to share this information with you and let you know what to expect from Quatro 2022 which looks to be shaping up to be a cracker with a full revamp on board design and graphics.

The Quatro board selection is always much smaller than that of other brands and we see this as more development time for each specific board. Being able to squeeze out these marginal gains is what sets the brand apart from many others and this is reflected in the performance/feedback we get from our customers. For 2022 Quatro have released the Pyramid Surfing Thruster, Cube Control Quad and Power Free Thruster.

Keith Teboul who shapes the boards for Quatro talks about how crucial spare time is, when we’re away from normal day to day life we want to pursue our passions. When we turn up at the beach as windsurfers we want plug and play, instant feedback; having to mess around with board and sail choice is the worst part about the sport. This has been Tebouls main focus for the 2022 Quatro line, maximum grip, maximum downforce and maximum confidence is how he words it. Having a board that you know works in any conditions no matter what makes everything so much more simple, it gives you confidence in yourself to perform as well as you can. You also get to know the board like no other.

2021 was a fantastic year for Quatro and this was massively helped by the performance of the boards as well as the look of the boards, bold colours looked great in the shop and on the water. For 2022 they’ve done a full 180 on the colour side of things with a much more simple surfier design, simple and clean. When I first saw the boards I must admit I was a little upset that they had moved away from the bold colours but having seen the new designs in real life I am super excited to see what they look like in the shop. You can see the surf orientated design coming through with the simple black/white/grey finish, seeing the weave of carbon through the board too emphasises its quality build.

The Pyramid is Keith Tebouls down the line wave ripper. With two years of development gone into the board there has been some changes to this board for 2022 to improve the performance even further. Quicker onto the plane allows the Pyramid pick up more waves than previous models and this earlier planning also aids with a higher top end speed. This speed and drive is matched as always by the tri fin set up in the rear, giving the board its super snappy turn ability on the wave.

The Cube was our best seller last year and proven to be a real all round wave killer. Tim Watson one of our team riders sailed the 82 and the 82 alone for the whole of his season and managed to come away with the BWA series championship for his age group. Changing for 2022 the Cube now features a fuller outline allowing for earlier planning and increased drive on the wave further increasing the versatility of the board. The Cube differs from the Pyramid in its versatility, it suits more all-round wave conditions whilst the Pyramid excels when the conditions are more ‘perfect’.

The Power is Quatros freestyle wave board, this means it offers the most amount of fun in all-round conditions. Whether that’s freeride blasting on the lake, riding the swell or pushing your wave rides to the max. The beauty of the power is it can be sailed as single or tri-fin meaning that depending on wave conditions the board can perform as a freeride machine or a wave slayer. With the Power being shaped by Keith Teboul the Power definitely does excel in wave conditions, especially in the smaller sizes.

Thanks for making it this far through the blog and I hope this has been of some use to you in your selection of board for 2022 and onwards. Quatro don’t change their board every year so this will be the current model for 2 years to come which is amazing from a customer point of view in terms of kit devaluation and product development. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask or drop us a call.


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