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Try It Now

With demo days few and far between we’re super happy to announce our new 2023 Fanatic/Duotone demo fleet. Whether it’s windsurf or wing foil we’ve got all bases covered! If you’re on the edge and feel you need some reassurance then this is a great way to take the kit for a spin before you purchase. If you’re like myself and research an item to the nth degree before buying this eliminates all that time! A real world review by the one person that matters.

I’m going to give a little run down of the kit we have here at the shop and who it’s most likely to suit:

Fanatic Eagle – The Eagle is back, it features a more classic shape than most modern freeride boards which tend to be shorter and wider. The Eagle possess more length than a board such as the Gecko which allows for comfortable and simple planing. This board best fits intermediate riders who are looking to progress onto their first freeride board. Early to plane, comfortable ride and easy through the gybes.  

Fanatic Gecko – The Gecko is one of the most popular freeride boards on the market. Featuring a more modern freeride design allowing for great stability and control when learning key windsurfing skills. This makes the Gecko another great option for intermediate riders who are moving onto their first short board and might want something that is a good futureproof option. It’ll offer a sportier ride than the Gecko with a great size range from 100L to 148L depending on ability or size.

Fanatic Blast – The Blast is Fanatics performance freeride board, with the ability to be pushed and give the slalom boys a run for their money. The parallel rails offer a blistering top speed and the cut outs around the fin allow for great comfort in choppy conditions. Thin rails mean the board can be railed in the gybes for the more advance riders, whilst the wider tail still gives comfort through the gybes for more intermediate riders. 

Fanatic Jag – The Jag is a slalom board for the people! Offering slalom like performance without the constant need/demand for constant board trim change this is a great option for more advance riders who want to push their sailing to the next level. The Jag now also comes with a trick carbon fin which helps with control and upwind ability. This can be sailed with all types of sails from freeride to full race sails. You will most likely be the fastest person on the water.

Fanatic Grip TE – The Grip TE is for you wave shredders! Highly adaptable and very versatile this board can be used in all wave conditions making it a great option for British sailing. What makes the Grip so versatile is the option for it to be sailed as a Thruster or Quad. The 2023 design was a complete revamp from the previous model making the board more playful whilst maintaining early planing. The Grip is aimed purely at wave sailing and therefore more advanced windsurfers. 

Fanatic Sky Wing – With wing foiling very much in full flight the Sky Wing is one of the most popular boards out there. The Sky Wing is unique in that thanks to its large size range there is something to suit people of all abilities, whether it’s your first board or you’re a wing legend. With the options for multiple different footstrap options or no footstraps this board progress with you. On the sizes above 5ft6 there is a centreline bumper to give the rider an idea of where they are on the board.

Duotone E_Pace – The epitome of freeride sails. Simple to rig, quick onto the plane and comfortable sailing. The E_Pace is aimed at freeride sailing and therefore suits most riders, it’s a great option for a first ‘proper’ sail again with a huge size range from 5.4 to 8.2. Rigging on both RDM or SDM masts it makes the E_Pace super versatile and hopefully there wouldn’t be a need to swap all your masts. This sail would be best suited with the Fanatic Eagle, Gecko or Blast.

Duotone Duke – The Duke has returned for 2023, it’s a 5 batten wave/freestyle wave sail. The Duke will suit most British wave/bump ‘n’ jump conditions, with its 5 batten make up this gives the sail loads of stability helping with gusty conditions like we get so often here. Another huge advantage of 5 battens is the increased wind range of the sails, when most people will be sailing in to change up or down the Duke has the ability to hold on for that bit longer. The Duke is a great option for intermediate and advance sailors who are wanting something abit more playful or powerful than a classic freeride sail. This sail would be best suited with the Fanatic Freestyle wave, Mamba, Grip and even some high wind blasting on a freeride board. 

Duotone Slick – The Slick is Duotones freeride/freestyle wing. The 2023 design with MOD 3 material allows for a wing with plenty of low end to get you up and foiling. The low stretch in the wing gives great stability and balance in the wing which aids manoeuvres and general freeriding. The Slick is sailed with a boom which we’re a big fan of, it offers a much more direct feeling from the wing and allows for endless hand positions. This can be sailed on any wing board and again suits all wing riders. 

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what kit might suit you! In terms of demo arrangement we’re super keen to get you guys on the water so please give the shop a call or email and we’ll get something sorted. 01924 444888 | [email protected]

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