La Sportiva TX Canyon Boot | First Look

La Sportiva TX Canyon Boot | First Look

George and Joe were fortunate to be sent a prototype TX Canyon for inspection in late 2021, giving us time to assess the fit and features.  For a boot that packs such a punch, the overall profile is compact and thus should reduce any concerns over fitting inside modern creek and half slice boats.  

The upper boot uses Ariaprene, a toxic free certified material composed of 4 layers.  The perforation maximises their water shedding ability, which is further boosted by two drain valves placed on the arch.  A spyral collar construction results in a supportive fit, tension being added by La Sportiva's Tongue-Lock closure strap. The lacing is quick and low enough to provide a wide opening.  This should prove beneficial for those wearing drysuits or trousers with integrated socks. 

The Vibram Indrogrip compound sole actually enhances traction when wet, while the climbing zone tip increases an already large contact area for maximum grip. It is interesting to see the design team selecting a one piece sole unit with rounded edges.  By coming part way up the sides of the Tx Canyon and without angular corners we hope that durability will be maximised, as well as reducing potential delamination.

Hopefully this first look information is useful and a real world review will follow shortly.  First deliveries are due in March so please preorder now to ensure you receive first allocation.

RRP £169.95