Zone3 Multi Coloured Tropical Pull Buoy



A fun and functional pull buoy used by thousands of swimmers every day and very much seen as a training essential. The Zone3 pull buoy has a unique and colourful design which will brighten up any training session!

Made from a soft and buoyant EVA foam the pull buoy is supportive and comfortable. It stands out thanks to its seven-layer colour design.

It is ergonomically designed with one side wider than the other ensuring optimum fit and balanced buoyancy. The pull buoy is designed to isolate the legs to allow the upper body and especially the arms to be strengthened. It also helps swimmers keep their hips higher in the water when swimming, thus aiding sinky-legs in the drills.

Add some life to your training with this original pull buoy by Zone3 and also check out the matching kickboard to complete the look! Colours layers include Red, Purple, Blue, Green and Black!