C-Skins Swim Research Swim Safety Buoy / Dry Bag 28L



The C-Skins Swim Research tow float is the ideal combination of safety, visibility and features, with a large dry bag compartment for storing your belongings while swimming.  Our staff love C-Skins and thus their tow float makes an effortless recommendation.

The Swim Research dry bag features dual air bags. Fill the bag with your gear and then inflate the air chambers equally on both sides of the buoy. It offers much more buoyancy than a regular dry bag and sits much higher in the water to help reduce drag and improve safety when swimming in locations with watercraft. 

The adjustable dual belt design attaches securely around your waist and the leash ensures that the buoy remains out of your way while swimming.

This is a must have accessory for for all open water swimmers who need to carry their kit/valuables when going for a swim, along with anyone who is swimming in areas where extra visibility is needed.


28 Litre

Designed for safety and storage when swimming outdoors

High Vis 28 litre dry bag allows for storage of a wide range of products

Perfect for open water swimming

Adjustable waist belt