Tootega Kinetic 100 Sit On Top Kayak

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The Kinetic 100 is a massively popular choice with our customers.  At 10ft it is simple to transport and store off the water.  However, whether you paddle inland or at the coast its performance is guaranteed to impress.  Seen here in the standard construction, maximising durability and including features such as drop down skeg, hatches and multiple clip points.

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Tootega Scupper Bungs

Tootega Thigh Straps

A little more efficient than the ever popular Pulse model, we think the Kinetic is the superior choice for any paddlers who don't believe they will play in the surf on a regular basis. If you're more of a cruiser then why not benefit from the additional straight line speed and tracking of the Kinetic.  In addition, the drop down skeg reduces the need for corrective strokes when conditions are windy, while the extra hatch provides more storage.

The Tooteha hybrid 'c' hull form blends the best attributes of their dynamic and exciting Pulse models with the graceful glide, increased paddling efficiency, and versatile storage options found in our flagship Prophecy touring range.

The Kinetic 100 has been designed to work in harmony with Tootega's innovative new skeg system, which is fully adjustable, allowing you to find that perfect balance between manoeuvrability or straight line tracking for you and the water you are paddling on.

With huge amounts of storage for a kayak of it's size, and complete with Tootega's new low-profile anchor points for backrests and thigh-straps, the Kinetic is that elusive 10ft kayak, that can tour, play in the surf, work as an inland/near shore fishing platform, and yet still remain lightweight and stable.

Due to the masses of experience in the Tootega staff their manufacturing is class leading.  The plastic thickness is variable, thicker in high wear areas and thinner where this is not required.  The quality is backed up by a lifetime warranty on standard construction models and two years on the hydrolite editions.


  • fully adjustable skeg system
  • 24cm Kajasport hatch
  • adjustable footrests
  • 15cm day hatch
  • new hybrid 'c' hull-form
  • paddle keeper
  • large rear tank-well


Length: 310cm

Width: 74cm

Weight: 22kg

Max Load: 120kg