Tootega Medium Scupper Bung (Pair)

Medium Large
Tootega Pulse 85 Tootega Sector 110
Tootega Pulse 85 Huntsman Tootega Sector 110 Huntsman
Tootega Pulse 85 Hydrolite Tootega Sector 135
Tootega Pulse 95 Tootega Sector 135 Huntsman
Tootega Pulse 95 Huntsman Tootega Prophecy 110
Tootega Pulse 120 Tootega Prophecy 110 Huntsman
Tootega Pulse 120 Huntsman Tootega Prophecy 135
Tootega Kinetic 100 Tootega Prophecy 135 Huntsman
Tootega Kinetic 100 Huntsman  
Tootega Kinetic 100 Hydrolite


All sit on top kayaks are moulded with self drainage holes, generally called scuppers.  These are useful in ensuring water entering the boat can drain out.  However, you will always find a small amount of water is able come up through the holes, especially when paddling in turbulent water.  These bungs are produced to eliminate this, while their single valve style construction will still allow water to drain from the seating position. 

Make paddling more refined with these Tootega Scupper stoppers, reducing water ingress when conditions are calm.  Available here in size medium.  Not sure which size you need?  Please view the size chart for information on kayak compatibility.


Diameter tapers from 37.1mm (top) to 33.6mm (base)