Point 7 K87 RDM Mast

From £399.00


The RDM specific K87 Point-7 pairs durability with lightness at a great price point. This is a brilliant go-to mast to suit all freestyle, wave and freeride sailors.


Responsive and sturdy at an amazing prize. The high carbon content and quality of this mast will ensure performance and incredible durability. A reflex close to a 100% carbon mast that will lighten the feeling of any rig. It’s no compromise between performance and durability, but a must-have. Inverted ferrule for higher balance and structural strength.


An extra catapult, an extra crash, long time rigged, this mast will not suffer. Best compromise between price, performance, and durability. A touch higher glass content and with a touch lower carbon percentage, for better protection against breakage.


Size Type Carbon Content Bottom  IMCS Top Curve Weight (G) +-3%
340 RDM 87 63 15 75 Constant Curve 1240
370 RDM 87 63 17 75 Constant Curve 1390
400 RDM 87 63 19 75 Constant Curve 1600
430 RDM 87 63 21 75 Constant Curve 1900