Point 7 Salt Sail 2021

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The Salt from Point-7 proves to be a radical wave sail offering lots of power when jumping or on the wave. This paired with a light manoeuvrable feeling in the hands makes for a brilliant all round wave sail.


  • All out performance four batten wave sail 
  • Responsive, light and balanced in the hands 
  • Double clew eyelets increasing the ability to power or depower the sail 
  • Provides drive through the bottom turn whilst maintaining controllability 

Hitting the waves at high speed to pull out new school aerial wave moves, whether you are jumping or going for aerials. The right mix between drive on the bottom turn, but at the same time a neutral on/off performance going for the cut back. Our Point-7 Black Team together with Josep Pons have worked on the development over the year to prove what The SALT PRO can do. It’s not only going to podiums, but it’s about being the most radical out there in any situation and conditions. With this sail we want to make sure that you feel confident in trying anything out! Scoring quality points on the water will make you stand out from the rest.

The Salt is the Point-7 all-out performance orientated four batten wave sail. Fast riding on the waves, quick to respond in new school wave sailing moves, and ultra-light in your hands. A pure new school wave sail. Adjust the back-hand power, and it’s ready to offer precision, according to the wind strength, the board we use, and what we want to do. We can flatten the profile in Side-Shore conditions to neutralize the profile of the sail in high speed surf, which can give more power in the back hand to get more support in on shore conditions, or when you want quick acceleration to hit the lips of the waves. Light and balanced in the hands, the power comes from a high forward position, its punchy delivery softened by the stretch in the luff sleeve and large Dacron luff panel. Once the pressure builds and the draft reaches its elastic limit, the response from the sail’s high skin tension takes over, providing crisp, precise handling and inspiring the rider to explore its manoeuvre potential. On the wave, the Salt provides masses of useable drive through the bottom turn, whilst always remaining controllable. At the critical moment, it has a more of an on-off nature, the Dacron panel permitting the lungs of the sail to exhale and become light and easy for manoeuvre. As the wind increases, the use of the lower clew eyelet adjusts the boom angle and encourages the rider into a more compact stance, and if required the downhaul tension can be increased to extend upper-panel twist without the demise of the sail’s forward profile. It’s fast, it’s agile, it’s up to you to let the next move be or dream, or to make it happen. The Salt is ready to stand out!


The Salt Pro is straightforward to rig, requiring an easy amount of force to counter its luff curve to set the rotation of the profile to obtain a slight lose leach. For wave riding the leach lose leach, should fall 15cm from the leach to the first mini batten on the top. (-3 cm from max downhaul setting). For the boom length, the lower ring to the minimum boom setting required in the specs. For Bump and Jumping, pull downhaul setting all the way to 1cm to the end of the setting required, and use the higher ring with the max setting required from the specs. Tighten top batten, but just remove wrinkles on the other battens, without over tightening them.


Size  Luff  Extension  Mast  Boom  Weight (KG+-5%)  Batten  Clew 
3.3 351 12 340 140 2.66 4 2
3.7 363 24 340 146 2.76 4 2
4.0 372 2 370 150 2.80 4 2
4.2 374 6 370 152 2.85 4 2
4.5 381 12 370 154 2.90 4 2
4.7 397 28 370 160 2.95 4 2
5.0 401 4 400 160 3.04 4 2
5.3 412 14 400 164 3.14 4 2
5.6 425 26 400 176 3.42 4 2