Zone3 Vision Max Swim Mask Goggles



The new Vison-Max mask style swim goggle is designed to give a comfortable seal and offers 180-degree panoramic vision thanks to its unique curved lens. Unlike a traditional diving mask this swim goggle has a very low profile which is designed to minimise any drag resistance.

A soft silicone frame which sits wide on the face offers a fantastic seal and reduces the chance of direct damage to the eye socket.

The mask is also easy to adjust and features a twin-piece head strap for a more supportive fit. It has an anti-fog coating for longer fog-free swimming and offers UV protection.

The lens is light blue in colour to increase visibility in open water but is also suitable for a wide range of other water sports including pool use.

As comfortable as wearing a goggle but with the seal moved further away from eye socket
Popular style for open water swimmers.
Low profile to minimise drag through the water
Anti-fog and UVA protection