Zone3 Vapour Goggles Photochromatic Lens

From £42.50


One piece of swimming eyewear for any conditions, the Zone3 Vapour Photochromic Goggle adjusts the tint of the lenses to protect your vision from the sun's harmful rays.

The Zone3 Vapour Photochromic Goggle is perfect for swimming in any conditions. The ultra soft silicone eyepieces provide great comfort while the anti-fog treatment keeps your view clear. The Photochromatic lenses adjust their tint to reflect the amount of light in your environment, making this the only goggle you need, whatever the conditions.

Key Features

Photochromatic lenses adjust tint to daylight
Comfort-focussed eye sockets using an ultra-soft silicone
Anti-fog and UVA protection
One size