XDeep Mask

From £60.00


The xDeep mask is a large single lens frameless mask available in Black or Clear silicone. The frameless design brings the lens closer to your face giving you a larger field of vision and a lower air volume to equalise.


Unparalleled Field of Vision

Diving is an incredible, immersive experience. One where your senses can be amazed.

Our frameless mask allows you to take in more of what is around you, enhancing both the dive experience and your situational awareness of you, your team and the environment.

While no mask can fit everyone perfectly, ours comes pretty close

A superbly soft inner skirt moulds itself to your face, achieving a close and comfortable fit.

We have achieved this incredible fit through completely rethinking and redefining the shape of a traditional mask and using the advanced modelling technologies to turn our ideas into reality.

Technically speaking, we analysed the weak points of current dive masks and then developed and tested advanced 3D printed models, refined with feedback from literally hundreds of divers of all face shapes and sizes. Adding the 3D modelling to the softest silicone ever used in a dive mask, delivers outstanding comfort and performance.

We made this mask because we could make it the best

Our ethos at XDEEP has been to take the traditional and improve it beyond expectations. Here is the result: a refined and redefined frameless mask.

The best materials, beautifully engineered and designed; performance and cool have never looked so good.