‘Wing foiling is a fast growing and innovative sport that has certainly gripped many of our staff and customers.  This is no clearer than in the case of Ben, a long term staff member who recently left the store in order to build a coaching business that concentrates primarily on foiling.  Ben has traditionally been a windsurfer and many of you will have met him wave sailing in Rhosneigr, flat water blasting at Grimwith reservoir, or perhaps even from seasons in Vass.  Ben’s passion for winging was clear from his first flights and you could quite rightly call it an addiction!  We can wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone keen to develop their foiling, whether that be a first session, or developing more advanced techniques.  As well as being supported by our store, Ben has close relationships with class leading brands including Ensis, Fanatic and Duotone.  The equipment you will use during lessons is the latest and greatest, ensuring the maximum progression. 

Anyway, enough from me.  Please read on for more detailed information about Ben’s business, Wing-it Coaching.’

George, Robin Hood Watersports

Summer winds are now here! Looking for a sport to get you up in the lighter winds? Wing-It coaching is here to introduce you into the world of wing surfing/wing foiling. Now taking over most windy waterways all over the world, there is no better time to learn.

Wing surfing is an accessible sport for all, combining a SUP or Windsurf board with the propulsion of an inflatable wing.  Once you have mastered this discipline it is the perfect chance to add a foil.  The sensation of floating over the water surface in almost absolute silence is sensational.


How can Wing-It Coaching help your journey?

Read on for a breakdown of our session choices, which increase in technicality:

Wingtro -   In this session you will learn how to fly the wing, landing and launching with wing kit. On the water you will learn how to tack /gybe and gain progress up wind on a beginner windsurfing board.

First flights - Once flying the wing is mastered its time to progress to a foil. In this session you will learn how to engage the foil into controlled micro flights

Sustained flight - This session focuses on extending flight times and foiling upwind.

Advanced flight - in this session we can work on anything from into to gybes, tacks, jumps and rotations in the air. The sky's the limit!


When and where do sessions run?

Sessions are at West pennine Windsurfing club, Watertergrove Reservoir OL129NT. This is an extremely supportive club and a fantastic place to start your wing journey.

Do I need my own equipment?

All equipment is provided EXCEPT wetsuits and buoyancy aids (both are


How many people attend the sessions?

You can book foiling sessions for 1-2 people, and Wing surfing sessions

(Wingtro) for 1-6 people.

How long does a session last?

2 hours

How much does it cost?

It depends on the number of people you book on to your session. For Wing


1:1 £140

1:2 £75 pp

1:4 £50 pp

1:6 £40 pp (kit shared)

Wing foiling:

1:1 £150

1:2 £80 pp

Please note that non-members also need to pay an additional £10 launch fee.


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