Vision SR Bodyboard



The SR takes a serious leap from the Fuse into the realm of high-end performance. This is the board for advancing bodyboarders riding unbroken and bigger waves out back and looking for strength and dependability in more critical conditions, but is also great for anyone who just wants to invest in a stronger, more premium board for a lifetime of summer fun

V-Core + Stringer
Deck: 4mm IXPE
Rails: Double 4mm IXPE
Bottom: 0.4mm HDPE slick
Leash: Coil urethane
Features: Channels

The SR features the same premium IXPE deck and double rails as the Fuse, but inside is our powerhouse polyethylene V-Core for greater strength and projection and a fibreglass stringer to stiffen the board and add a more responsive, springy flex. The SR comes complete with a PU coiled leash for greater shock absorption and more efficient paddling and planing.