Pyranha Rebel Connect Junior Kayak

From £699.00


Meet the Pyranha Rebel. It's amazing to have junior specific products in all areas and the results in progression terms are incredible.  No longer need kids be swamped by small adult boats.  They have their own version, designed from the ground up.  Not only will this improve their comfort and kayaking ability, juniors can now carry their own boats too! 

The Rebel will have kids out there looking like their paddling heroes whilst pulling new moves and impressing their friends. The lightweight, responsive hull and adjustable outfitting make this kayak ready for river adventures and provide top end performance like legendary WW kayaks such as the Burn or the InaZone.


Length (cm) 214
Width (cm) 56
Cockpit (cm) 76x43.5
Volume (l) 155
Weight (kg) 12.5
Paddler (kg)