Pyranha Angry Neoprene Spraydeck

Angry, Grumpy, Snappy Waist Tube Sizes
26"–32" 32"–34" 34"–38"
66–81cm 81–86cm 86–97cm
Angry, Grumpy, Snappy Cockpit Sizes
Keyhole: Fits Jed, Loki, Speeder
Large: Fits Machno, Ripper, Burn, 12R, 9R, Fusion
Rebel Waist Tube Size
XS/S S/M  
26" 32"  
66cm 81cm  
Rebel Deck Size
One Size Fits Rebel
Rapid Waist Tube Size
One Size
Max Waist 53"
Max Waist 135cm
Rapid Deck Size
One Size Fits Fusion, TG Lite, Master TG


The Pyranha Angry Deck is a top-end whitewater spraydeck which features all the essentials for a super durable deck and an extremely dry seal on your cockpit. Available in a range of waist and cockpit sizes.

4mm dive-quality neoprene throughout with stitched and glued seams, plus kevlar reinforcements where they're needed and printed edge protection everywhere else make sure the deck will stand up to any amount of abuse you throw at it whilst still being easy to put on and take off the kayak. An inner latex coating to the rim area also grips on to the cockpit, preventing implosions and creating a better seal on the boat.

All Pyranha Spraydecks are designed to give the perfect fit on Pyranha Kayaks, but most are equally well-suited to other brands of boat too.