Point 7 K60 SDM Mast

From £359.00


The K60 from Point 7 is the cheaper option of the 3 masts however still proves to be fantastic in terms of performance, durability and weight. Available in 430 and 460 SDM.


A very price-focused mast that can be used with all our sails. The K60 offers good performance and enjoyment from any sail used with it. ‘S’ for sonic reflex. An incremented layer of carbon on the tip of the mast has been added. This will boost up the reflex on the top part of the sail. Save a bit of cash, and get the right bend-curve for the spine of your sail .2 layers of carbon and one layer of glass.


A 60% carbon content sing the same high carbon quality as the more expensive masts and produced to the exact Point-7 standards for bend-curve and hardness as a K100. A better choice against an 80% or a 60% from a no name brand.


Size Type Carbon Content % Bottom IMCS Top Curve  Weight (G) +-3%
430 SDM 60 64 21 75 Constant Curve 1790
460 SDM 60 63.5 24.5 75.5 Constant Curve 2180