Point 7 Carbon+ Pro Boom

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A no compromise full carbon boom from a brand driven by passion for our sport.  The result is equipment you can rely on to meet your needs day after day.  Welcome to the dark side with the Point 7 Carbon+ Pro Boom.

The first target from the Point-7 Black Team when developing a boom is the curve. This is not about having a curve from the new generation as many might call it. It’s about having a curve which allows your front and back arm to sit in a natural ergonomic position while sailing, automatically positioning the sail at the right angle for the wind to enter and exit the sail. This position varies with the wind strength and windsurfing discipline, so each boom size needs to be developed accordingly.


The Challenge Of Weight

You can have the lightest and stiffest boom available, but if these main features are wrong then the boom will feel heavy and uncomfortable. The weight needs to be front oriented on the boom, leaving the tail end of the boom light. A heavy tail-end will make a light boom, in general, feel heavier than it really is. This is why we use a taper through to the tail section, the wider diameter allows to have thinner and lighter carbon walls where there is no need for us to grip, but also more stiffness where it is most important.


The stiffness of a carbon boom is also very important, the right mix between reflex and comfort needs to be found. Just as masts have different IMCS, our booms are also being developed to offer the right stiffness to allow comfort in smaller sails sizes, and more reflex in bigger sail sizes.

The Importance Of Diameter

Diameter is another important factor as it does bring comfort to the forearms and saves wasting energy whilst out on the water. At Point-7 we have developed our boom using the Octatube – a carbon tube shape with 8 sides, designed to ergonomically fit the natural shape of the hand when gripping. We vary the diameter used according to the discipline; 25mm for the wave boom, 27mm on the 170-slalom boom, and 29mm on the two larger sizes of the slalom boom.


All our carbon booms are monocoque built, including the tail ends with molded holes. All our carbon booms are tapered giving a thinner diameter in the area you grip while sailing, and a wider diameter on the rear part to allow stiffness and light weight where most needed.

Boom Clips - Boom double pin clips for a stiffer connection between boom body and tail end, with 2cm adjustments. Different sizes used to best suit the boom size.

Clamps - Boom head is made to bring the correct synergy with the stiffness of the carbon tubes. Easy automatic fitting to the mast. Moving head tilts according to fitting height on the mast but does not move from side to side. With very little rope tension, the head will not slip on the mast. Fits RDM adaptors perfectly. The 140 size is having a dedicated head for the rdm boom, while other sized can be used for both sdm or rdm masts, by using a rdm mast adapter.

Grip - Boom Grip is lightly sanded, anti-slip pro grip: Less strength needed from you for a firm grip on the boom. Easy positioning marks for the harness lines.

Tail Section - To be less bulky in maneuvers and high winds, the tail end is made to fit inside the boom body in the smaller sized booms: wave 140, 150 and slalom 170. To further reduce the weight and increase the stiffness of the bigger 190 and 210 booms, the diameter of the tail pieces is increased and fit outside the boom body.




INT (cm)




140 Wave Freestyle 3.3-6.4 190 50 2 RDM 25 Octag. 2,3
150 Wave Freestyle Freeride 4.0-7.2 200 50 2 SDM 25 Octag. 2,4
170 Freeride Slalom Racing 5.8-8.0 220 50 2 SDM 26 Octag. 2,6
190 Slalom Racing 6.5-8.6 240 50 2 SDM 29 Octag. 3
220 Slalom Racing 8.0-11.0 270 50 2 SDM 29 Octag. 3,3