Palm Bolt Throwline 20m



The Palm Bolt will be seen by many as an update to the extremely popular rescue series, traditionally known as the Bullet, Alpine and Canyon.  It uses 20m of a super comfortable 11mm line with a core, providing strength for mechanical advantage systems.  The addition of the fidlock magnet closure adds convenience.

The Bolt throw bag holds 20 m of easy to handle 11 mm polypropylene cored floating rope, with a breaking strain of 10 kN. Strong enough as a haul line, nimble enough for person to person rescues. It packs down into a wide neck bag with a speedy Fidlock magnetic closure. Belt loops on the bag fit the Quick Release Belt so you always have your line to hand. The rope is detachable for a clean line with our Quickclip webbing attachment point.



  • 1123 g (20 m)


  • CORDURA® 500D bag with 420D polyester lining


  • 10 kN static breaking strength


  • 20 m of 11 mm, high visibility, floating polypropylene cored rope

Other Features

  • Rope can be removed and used on its own
  • Fidlock magnetic neck closure
  • Extra fabric and stiffened neck to aid throwing and repacking
  • Quickclip clean line attachment point
  • Quick Release belt and Zambezi belt compatable

CORDURA® fabric

  • Fabric with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, and high resistance to tears and abrasion. We use CORDURA® for the seat and knee areas of technical outerwear and for other high wear gear such as PFDs and throwlines.

Fidlock magnetic closure

  • Fidlock closures are a joy to use; magnetically self fastening, rock solid when closed, and they open easily one handed, even with cold, numb fingers.


  • Follow the clean line principle - a webbing attachment point on our throwbags makes easy to clip a karabiner into the business end of our bags. The rope inside is fastened with a rethreaded figure of eight, so you can remove and reattach the bag whenever you need to.