Can I visit the store currently?

Yes, as of the 2nd of December the Government allowed the re-opening of our store. We have a hand sanitisation station at the entrance and the floor is marked into the recommended 2 metre sections to make social distancing easy whilst you shop.  Face masks are mandatory and being worn by our sales staff when serving customers.  Keeping everyone safe remains our main priority.

Can I still receive order from a courier?

Yes, the advice from Public Health England is that people receiving packages from couriers are not at risk of contracting Covid – 19. It is understood that these types of viruses do not live long on packages. Our couriers are of course following current guidelines for deliveries set by Public Health England. (P.H.E.)

Returns – I’m self isolating, how do I return a product?

We have extended our return period to 30 days so that you can shop with the confidence a product can still easily be returned if the need arises. All other elements of our returns policy have remained the same, you can view them here.

Our employees and safe working procedures.

We have introduced safe ways of working to help minimise any risk to other employees, customers and any contract workers including couriers. Our administration team are working from home wherever possible and members of the sales team are taking measures which are in line with government and Public Health England advice and legislation.


If you have any question or concerns, just get in touch and we will do our best to provide an answer to them. Either using the contact form here or via phone on 01924 444888

Under the Knives Act 1997 we have a responsibility to ensure this product is not sold to anyone under 18. As such, an age verified delivery service will be used, as well as further checks.
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