Mystic Majestic X Waist Harness Black White


From £320.00


If you like to go bonkers the Majestic X is right up your alley. A slimmer waist harness with a carbon composite plate, bionic core frame and battle belt 2.0 system that will give you all the support you desire, while maintaining comfort. It comes with features like soft neoprene edges, Knitflex and fix foam. The stiffness of the bionic core frame makes this carbon harness perfect for riders that like riding overpowered.


Bionic Core Frame

Fly mold 2.0 Wedgewings

Non-water absorbing Flexagon Drytech

Fix Foam

Soft neoprene edges

Battle belt

Flexcovers with integrated safety knife pocket

Adaptive leash eye included

Suitable for Stealth bar, Clickerbar & Bananabar


Carbon composite