Liquid Force Envy Kite

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Billed as the ultimate all-terrain kite, the fifth generation Liquid Force Envy, like all LF kites, features durable bomb-proof construction, the lightning fast Max Flow inflation and the option to add super safe CPR control systems. New for this generation are re-engineered swept wing-tips and the pulley-free low profile Cascade bridle that creates a direct feel and eliminates tangles. Still present is the smooth, predictable power delivery alongside an increased high-end range and extra rigidity for faster response, direct feel and pivotal turning.


Synergy Struts - The new Synergy Struts add extra rigidity to the canopy profile for an ultra-responsive, direct feel.

Bomb-proof Construction - Built with the finest materials and most durable design, all of our kites feature a fully glued-and-stitched overlapping canopy assembly, a balanced Dacron reinforcement-to-weight ratio, double-layer Dacron leading edge, and molded-EVA leading edge bumpers.

DURA-X Rip-Stop Fabric - Double laminated, high strength-to-weight ratio rip-stop canopy material. On the NRG only.

T9600 Canopy - Liquid Force Techno Force technology features Teijin Ripstop T9600 material, ensuring continued high-end performance.

Adjustable Direct Steering - With adjustable connection points on the trailing edge, you can customize bar pressure and turning speed to fit your needs.

Low-Profile Cascade Bridle - Newly redesigned, this low-profile bridle system will never tangle with wingtips, and delivers high-end range, immediate response, and smooth, predictable power.

*Don't forget you'll need a bar, pump and leash to enjoy this kite safely.