KT Crusher 2017

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The Crusher board line was developed for average to good waves. It has a fast progressive rocker. It’s an easy paddler with a quick get up and go. It has a bit of a fuller outline and foam flow to support easy riding and lines.

This is your go to board for all round waves. Forgiving, fast and flowy. H
Its rails allow for a smooth feeling when carving. The rocker has a relatively low entry with a medium release yet enough tail rocker to turn on a dime. The Crusher comes with KT’s revolutionary FLEX-X stringer technology. 



FLEX-X is a revolutionary stringer concept I have been developing over the last year. As I have been riding and shaping experimental surfboards I realized that when you have a magic board the flex plays an overwhelming part in the feeling. I set out to find a way to control this flex to a T and put it where and how I wanted it to be. With FLEX·X™ I have achieved just that.

I have developed a layup for the stringers that allows the back half of the board to flex more and quicker, allowing for a more sensitive and snappy feeling board. Last but not least FLEX-X makes the board stronger and less prone to breakage since it works as a double stringer