The IST Surface Marker Buoy will keep you safe as you ascend after your dive. Easy to deploy and highly visible it will allert all surface traffic to your location

  • Reusable Delayed Surface Marker Buoy with a unique two-layer design: the outer layer is made of tough nylon with water-resistant PU coating, which protects the inner bladder.
  • The taped edge prevents the outer layer from fraying.
  • To inflate underwater simply use an octopus to release air into the balloon’s opening, and the air cell’s special enclosure will automatically trap all incoming gas. The SB-5 has counter weights to help it staying upright. 
  • The sturdy storage pouch has a mesh bottom for quick drainage. It can be carried on any 2” webbing or clipped onto a d-ring. Automatic valve releases excess pressure to prevent SB-5 from bursting.
  • Size: 154cm x 18cm (60" x 7")