Eckla Ecklatop 260 Sit-on-Top Trolley



The Eckla Ecklatop 260 Sit-on-Top Trolley is your perfect partner for easy transportation of sit on top kayaks when ashore.  The traditional trolley requires you to use straps but with this model it's upright simply slot through your scupper drain holes for security when towing over rough ground. 

The Ecklatop trolley features pneumatic wheel diameter 260mm, aluminum, silver anodized, steplessly range of the bars from 6 up to 63 cm. The solid construction of high quality aluminum tube will stay rustproof. The wheels are easily removed via split pin and thus can be stowed away. Its upright bars are covered with soft rubber to eliminate the potential for damage.


wheel diam. 260mm
steplessly range 6 – 63 cm
dimension for transport 58×38 cm
weight 2,8 kg
loading capacity app. 50 kg