Duotone Shox Upgrade Kit for Power.XT 2.0

From £99.00



All UNI.XT and POWER.XT 2.0 extensions can be upgraded with the unique Duotone SHOX suspension system (except AERO). SHOX is the first integrated shock absorber, which adds a chassis to the board similar to a full-suspension on a mountain bike. Especially in choppy conditions it smooths out the board and the rig, absorbing chop and the impact after landing. Tests in all leading Windsurf-magazines have proven that the rig doesn’t bump, the rider can convert the wind power much more effective into acceleration making you a proven 2-3 knots faster, and also preserves the equipment and your joints.

Whether speed, racing or freeride, the SHOX.UPGRADE.KIT definitely guarantees more control, more speed and more comfort. During wave sailing the SHOX suspension system provides cushioned landings and increased board control when going down-the-line as well as when crossing the white water. The upgrade is easily done in a few simple steps. The new, very stiff cup ensures that the suspension tube runs with absolutely no friction, the damping elements respond more sensitively and thereby creates a more enjoyable ride. No wonder that almost all of our top athletes swear by the SHOX option rather than going without!