BPM Whitewater Traditional Canoe Airbags 32" (Pair)

From £75.00


As a brand local to the store, our staff passionately supports BPM whitewater. The great news for our customers is that they produce quality airbags that won't let you down.  This pair of 32" canoe airbags for traditional all round boats are no exception.

BPM whitewater produces canoe and kayak airbags using top quality materials that are incredibly durable, coupled with totally over the top raft and life vest valves that will never let you down on the river. 

Designed specifically for all makes of traditional canoes, coming in 4 size options - 32" 48" 60" 3D floatation bags, all manufactured into 3D shapes to ensure the best flotation, these are made to the same specs our creek boat bags, making the very best of modern materials and manufacturing processes!


Single layer bags​

- Light weight 210D Thermoplastic Poly Urethane (TPU) Hight Tenacity Nylon Airbags

- Flexible Urethane fill tube with replaceable valve

- 12mm Heat&RF Welded sealed seams

- Sized to fit better than existing bags on the market, seams won't split and the material will not delaminate

- Repairable/Recyclable, bags can be patched and re-sealed.

- One Year warranty single layer bags, after that repairs/replacements will be quoted for a minimal cost.