Beaver Automatic Safety Light



The Beaver Automatic Safety Light is the perfect way to make yourself stand out on a night dive 

The Beaver Automatic Safety Light is a good idea for the regular night diver as it allows your buddy to easily locate you and can be used on multiple dives. The Automatic Safety Light turns on by itself when water makes contact with the two exposed pins on the base. Simply attach to a prominent position about your person using the stainless steel safety pin and be confident that you have a personal location light source on when in the water. Measuring 90mm long the safety light flashes green every 1.5 seconds and will operate for a total of 200 hours. The Beaver Automatic Safety Light is rated to 50m and is ideal for divers looking for a hassle free location light source.

  • Automatically turns on when submerged
  • Turns off when dry
  • 200 hours burn time
  • Rated to 50m