Aquaglide Chelan 140 DS 1-2 Person Inflatable Kayak 2021




Newly updated, this Chelan 140 DS is a high performance inflatable kayak that can be used solo or tandem and excels for touring use.  The flat rocker aids efficiency and ensures the boat tracks in a straight line with little input.  Suited to calm conditions both inland and coastal.

The Aquaglide Chelan 140 is a high performance inflatable kayak that is suited to both single person and tandem use.  It uses a a drop stitch floor, meaning the top and base of the bladder are connected by hundreds of fabric strands.  This result for the paddler is incredible rigidity, forward speed and glide.  This premium floor bladder is complemented by duratex single layer side chambers that again achieve enviable pressure figures for unrivaled performance.  The Chelan 140 is your perfect choice for a range of paddling conditions but best suits calm inland and coastal waters, allowing you to explore great distances with ease thanks to the amazing construction, flat rocker and pointed bow.  The Chelan has just been updated to include a range of features including a more varied range of internal storage points.

Recommended Accessories

Bravo 100 Pump

For a unique view of the Chelan courtesy of the staff at Robin Hood Watersports please feel free to read our blog review here.


  • Best For: 1 or 2 paddlers who enjoy touring in both inland and coastal settings.
  • Capacity: 181 kg
  • Warranty: 2 year against any manufacturing defects.
  • Dimensions: 13ft6 (413 cm) L x 35in (89 cm) W x 12in (30.5 cm) H.
  • Weight: 33 lb (15kg)


  • Chelan 140 DS Inflatable Kayak
  • 2 x ProFormance Seat
  • Tracking Fin
  • Storage Carry Case
  • Halkey-Roberts Valve adaptor
  • Repair kit.


Duratex – This is a reinforced PVC that is lightweight, stiff and offers excellent durability.

Drop-stitch Floor – reinforcing strands connect the top and base of the floor bladder.  This allows a high pressure to be achieved, offering fantastic rigidity and performance on the water.  Durability is also improved.

MOLLE Plates – A clip system on the side of the boat allows versatile storage of items you will want to take on the water.  Several mesh bags are included to produce a customizable gear carrying system

Universal Accessory Mount – for mounting cupholder, POV camera, rod holder, and more

Cockpit Splashguard – A raised lip at both the bow and stern disperses water to keep the paddlers dry when conditions are rough.

Lightweight Packable Design – The Chelan 140 DS weighs only 15kg and includes a backpack style storage case for effortless transportation. 


ProFormance Seat – The included seat won't leave you wanting.  This Aquaglide version is suportive and comfortable, with an inflatable seat pad to raise you up for improved leverage when paddling.  The seats are attached with a stainless clip to the front and rear, allowing you to tailor the position and level of support.  Also included are front and rear storage pockets.

Seat Backstraps – provide added tension to keep the seat firmly in position in rough water

Posi-track Weedless Fin – The included tracking fin helps keep you in a straight line and is especially useful in windy conditions.  Its trailing profile stops weed snagging the fin, while being optimised to have maximum effect.  The connection is via a US track box and is tool feel. This widely used fitting also means you can purchase aftermarket fins.  This could be useful if paddling in shallow water, where a smaller fin would be beneficial.  Similarly, if you struggle with straight line tracking then adding a larger fin is a great idea. 

Adjustable Foot Rest – having a footrest when paddling is critical as kayaking is a full body workout and pushing through the feet helps translate paddle power into forward motion.  The included Aquaglide version is attached to a velcro track on the floor, thus allowing you to achieve the perfect position. 

Velcro Adjustment Strips – As well as allowing a varied footrest position, the velcro track that runs long the floor bladder allows fore and aft adjustment of the seat seats. 

Deck Cargo Bungees – on bow and stern offer secure storage of extra gear

Molded Plastic Carry Handles – on bow and stern for comfortable carrying or lifting

Scupper Drains – The Chelan has seven drain bungs that can be easily opened to quickly remove water from the boat following a session.  They can also be left open if paddling rough conditions, although this will lead to some water sitting in the base the majority will drain out. 

Halkey-Roberts Type Valves – A high quality valve choice for quick and easy inflation and deflation

Webbing Tie-Down Loops – every 6- 12 inches along the cockpit the Chelan features a loop for attaching a dry bag or similar.

Stainless Steel D-Rings – for secure attachment of seat or gear.