2022 Zone3 Aspect Women's Breaststroke Wetsuit


From £169.00


Love to wild swim and mainly swim breaststroke?  Zone3 are well aware that the majority of swim suits are tailored toward crawl (freestyle), with high buoyancy to optimise your position.  In contrast, their new Aspect suit has been specifically developed to work well across a range of strokes and swimming styles, so this would be the ideal choice if you plan to swim breaststroke for the majority of your time in the water.  However, there is no need for concern around versatility, the Aspect is more than capable of progression to front crawl.

The Aspect utilises a mixture of high performance Aqua-X, Smoothskin and High-Stetch Nylon panels, being designed to allow an extended range of movement between the legs and across the chest. Aqua-X is a coating applied to the neoprene which significantly reduces drag in the water whilst also improving durability.

The high flex nature of the fabric used in the Aspect makes it ideal for the breast stroke leg kick.  Buoyancy is also important, this suit is made from a combination of 1.5, 2 and 3mm thicknesses so the legs can stay submerged in the water and a natural breaststroke swimming position can be maintained. A combination of glued and flatlock seams allows the extra stretch in the key movement areas whilst also keeping the price point as affordable as possible.


  • Specifically designed for breaststroke swimming.
  • Excellent warmth, comfort and flexibility.
  • High-stretch inner leg panels required for breastroke leg kick.
  • Reduced lower leg buoyancy allows legs to stay submerged.
  • Mixture of SCS, Smoothskin and high-stretch nylon panels reduce drag.
  • Neon orange arm cuffs for visibility.
  • Easy to use downward YKK zipper.

The latest wetsuit from Zone3 is equally suitable for front crawl swimming and therefore adds a new Aspect to your open water swimming options.