Zet Cross Kayak

From £1,295.00


At Robin Hood Watersports we love the Cross from Zet Kayaks.  Their reliability is well known amongst passionate paddlers and the outfitting offers a simple and direct connection to the boat.  This is one of the most in demand river running boats on the market and we see it as best for paddlers between 70 and 90kg.

The Cross is sporty and stable, without compromising the ability to quickly adjust your line.  The design uses a progressive rocker to offer the balance of riding dry over features, effortless boofs and tracking.  The mid section of the hull is planing and so gives excellent stability, ensuring you feel confident on difficult whitewater.  The bow and stern blend to a profile closer to displacement to ensure the boat does not feel trippy on turbulent features and eddy lines.

Zet suggest the overall weight range to be 70-100kg but we consider it to be offering optimal performance from 75-90kg.  This is not only a kayak for the pro paddler but works equally well for improving your skills from grade 2 upwards.

As always, the new CROSS is created using a superior moulding technology + baking process that guarantees a high quality, high strength plastic shell complete with a well proven outfitting scheme that out lasts all other boats in its class.


Zet's outfitting is simple yet effective, offering ample adjustment and providing paddlers with an excellent connection to the boat.  The seat is produced from closed cell foam and this offers a little give for hard landings.  Another benefit is the warmth it provides compared with plastic alternatives.

The front and rear pillar are produced to at the same time as the shell for additional structural rigidity, safety and functionality. A supportive, dual ratcheting back-band sits firmly in place while providing unrestricted access to the rear of the boat.


  • 2 year conditional warranty.
  • Minimum number of hardware holes in the hull.
  • Highly functional outfitting & interior attachment points.
  • An original & progressive design with input from ZET Team paddlers.


Length Width Volume Cockpit Weight Weight Range
272 cm 67 cm 350 l 91 x 50 cm 21 kg 70-100 kg