Werner Camano Straight Glass 2 Piece Kayak Paddle

Paddler Height Boat Width
  less than 23" 23" - 28" 28" - 32" 32" and over
less than 5' 210cm 220cm 230cm 240cm
5'0" - 5'6" 215cm 220cm 230cm 240cm
5'6" - 6'0" 220cm 220cm 230cm 250cm
6'0" and taller  220cm  230cm 240cm 250cm
From £299.99


The Camano is a paddle for those seeking absolute efficiency and the desire to paddle great distances with minimal effort.  This relaxed low angle shape allows you to keep elbow low and thus lower energy expenditure.  The full carbon construction is stiff and thus promotes a powerful stroke, ensuring every pull directly translates to propulsion.  Available here in two piece straight shaft 2 piece construction for the lowest weight.


  • Premium Performance uses material choice and manufacturing skill to allow for a perfect combination of light swing weight and stiffness. Fiberglass blade construction gives you a compromise between swing weight and value.
  • Mid-size blades fit the widest range of paddlers.
  • Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling, a core philosophy for Werner.
  • Optimized flex and strength. Countless hours of testing have led us to a feel that is unmatched on the water.
  • Brightly colored translucent fiberglass laminate blades in solids or HD Graphic gradients. 
  • The Smart-View Adjustable ferrule is the most simple, precise fitting on the market.


Shaft Option Pieces Weight Grams
Bent 2 Piece 761g.
Feather Angle Smart View Adjustable
Blade Surface Area 650 cm2
Blade Length x Width 52cm x 16.5cm