Point 7 K80 SDM Mast

From £429.00


The Point-7 K80 has the durability and lightness very similar to the K100 and can only be differentiated by the clock. This comes in at a really competitive price for a mast built with such precision and skill.


The high carbon content and quality of this mast will ensure durability and a good reflex that will lighten the feeling of any rig. The best compromise between performance and durability. ‘S’ for sonic reflex. An incremented layer of carbon on the tip of the mast has been added. This will boost up the reflex on the top part of the sail. The performance against the K100 is very minimal and can only be measured with a clock, it will not be felt. Using the same high-performance construction ensures this mast superior performance in comparison with others in its class. Consists of 3 carbon layers and 1 layer of glass.


 Best compromise between price, performance, and durability. Racing without any type of stress or worries. An extra catapult, an extra crash, long time rigged, this mast will not suffer.


Size Carbon Content  Bottom % IMCS Top % Curve Weight (G) +-3%
430 80 64 21 75 Soft Bottom  1630
460 80 63.5 24.5 75.5 Constant Curve 2050
490 80 63 28 77 Flextop 2270