Goya WXR Wave 2006 76 | USED

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The Goya WXR was one of the first wave boards from the brand and offers the rider a fantastically grippy ride for a single fin. Due to this the board would be a fantastic high wind lake board or could be shredded in the waves. 

Condition - For the age of the board it is in very good condition with no repairs or visible deep scratches. There is some rail rash from the beach but nothing to affect the performance of the board. 


The WXR is Goya’s new generation board for more onshore riding. It is available in three sizes -76, 84 and 92L 

It has the width and short length of the dedicated onshore riding boards but a much narrower nose and slightly narrower tail. This makes it feel as much like a wide traditional waveboard as an onshore riding board. It has a lot of rocker through the tail with plenty of vee making it relatively slow to get going and sitting quite low in the water when planing. It therefore feels much more secure rather then exciting, but it comes into its own in high speed gybes over confused water when the tail grips as well as any on the test it is in fact an extremely secure carving board but does tend to loose speed quite quickly both on a wave and when coming out of a gybe. 

Comfortable under foot with nice dome and comfy pads and straps. The Velcro outer flap of the easy-adjust strap system is prone to undoing itself. The fins works fine.